Anti-stress shower gel, enriched with natural oils of lavender and thyme, and green tea extract, perfectly washes and moisturizes the skin.

A sensual fragrance restores the balance of body and mind, relaxed and relaxing after a hard, stressful day.

CAPACITY: 300 ml




Lavender's most valuable component is the essential oil that is proven to have calming, antibacterial and disinfecting effect. It also contains tannins, flavonoids and coumarin. Cosmetic industry values mostly the refreshing, antibacterial and disinfecting properties of lavender. Lavender cosmetics are recommended for oily and acne skin and foot care. Lavender oil can be used for aromatic baths.


Thyme (Thymus)

Thyme is known to contain an essential oil (thymol), tannins and phenolic acids. It works bacteriostatically (stabilizes "good" bacteria that prevent pathogens proliferation) and has a toning effect. Thyme is also an excellent ingredient of bath lotions, soaps and shower gels. A bath containing thyme is not only refreshing but it also stimulates the body, relieves pain and inflammation, and moreover, it rejuvenates the skin.


Wyciąg z zielonej herbaty

It comes from Asian countries, where it is a symbol of youth and longevity. It is a rich source of polyphenols with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Sweeps the free radicals which accelerate aging out of the body. Compresses, masks and toners made of the green tea are used in the care of oily and impure skin, as they narrow pores, have antiseptic and astringent action. In addition, green tea works well with aging skin, adding her energy and gently brightening, protecting the sensitive structure of the skin against free radicals. Positively effects on blood vessels, causing their shrinkage and reduction of erythema.

Porady piękna

Tips on body care.

The first step in skin care is its thorough washing. If you appreciate not only effective cleaning but also moisturizing properties and smell, EVA NATURA shower gels will be perfect for you. Depending on your preferences you can choose product which will relax, cool off and moisturize your skin, and at the same time will stimulate your senses with beautiful, exotic smells.


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  • Thyme (Thymus)


    In the Middle Ages folk medicine it was believed that thyme is a cure for shyness and talisman attracting money. To this day, it is believed that thyme removes negative energy and chases the sadness away.

  • Green Tea


    Green tea is made of the same leaves as black tea. The only difference is lack of fermentation process, that is why it retains its natural color. After collecting the fresh leaves are allowed to fade and evaporate, and then are being dried.