Under the eye and eyelid cream

Under-eye and eyelid cream Eyebright + Marigold + Cornflower

A delicate cream rich in natural active agents. It provides effective care for the skin around the eyes.

It contains eyebright, marigold and cornflower extracts, as well as sea algae, polysaccharides and shea butter. The cream smoothes out mimic wrinkles and reduces signs of fatigue on the skin around the eyes. Effects of daily use:smooth skin with optimum moisture.Recommended for skin with a tendency toward mimic wrinkles.





This flower contains flavonoids, tannins, minerals (mainly manganese and potassium), vitamin C, organic acids and anthocyanin responsible for its distinguished color. Those components are behind the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the cornflower extract. Hence, we often find out that the extract is present in skin care products dedicated to rosacea and irritated skin and anti-dandruff shampoos.


Porady piękna

Tips on facial care

The first step of facial care is thorough cleansing combined with eye make-up removal. This treatment should be performed particularly careful in the evening before applying the night cream, as during sleep your skin regenerates faster. Then use a toner, to remove potential remains of the cleanser and restore the skin neutral pH. When your skin is ready for the cream, use product matching your skin type and time of day (day cream / night cream). Dab the eye cream on your fingertip onto your eye area. Once a week, perform peeling that removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, brighten and even out skin tone.

Tips on the choice of face cream

Face cream is the best guardian of our beauty, but choosing appropriate one is an art, which many of us have to learn yet. Remember that your skin's needs change over the years, but unnecessarily the same way as your friend's who is the same age. It is best to carefully observe your skin and read the signs it wants to tell us. Generally we may say that the skin of a 30 year old person is firm, there are no major problems with excessive moisture loss and has a nice tone. At this age intensive moisturization, antioxidant protection, and if necessary, fight against imperfections are recommended. Over 30 you should include creams for first mimic wrinkles and continue antioxidant protection. For mature women more intensive anti-wrinkle treatments are recommended, products like serum which is more concentrated and contain components leveling skin color.


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  • Cornflower


    Formerly cornflower petals together with alum have been used to produce blue dye which perfectly coloured the wool. The cornflower juice itself dyes paper and food preparations in blue.

  • Eyebright


    The name eyebright is thought to come from its use as a traditional folk remedy for eye irritation. The herb was used to make a solution and was then made into an eye wash or compress for inflammation. It was used for conjunctivitis, blepharitis, tired eyes, styes and eye irritation.

  • Marigold