Triple strength of herbs shampoo for dandruff-prone hair.

Extracts: birch, tar, willow
Effect: natural, fresh and shining hair.

CAPACITY: 300 ml




An extract isolated from the external part of the birch's bark and leaves contains betulina, saponins and glawinids that are a real benefit to the condition of the skin and hair and have strong regenerating, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. Due to the cleansing and antiseptic effect, it improves greasy hair prone to dandruff. A shampoo with birch extract can soothe scalp inflammation.



White willow extract contains tannins, salicylic compounds (salicylic acids precursors), organic acids and minerals. It is applied by the cosmetic industry in skin care products as it has demonstrated to have excellent anti-inflammatory, keratolytic (facilitates exfoliation of stratum corneum), toning, bacteriostatic effect, it also seals capillaries and cleanses skin pores. Therefore, the extract is recommended for rosacea, acne, oily and mixed skin. At the same time, shampoos containing white willow extract are excellent solution for greasy hair prone do dandruff.


Pine Tar

Pine tar has been demonstrated to have a strong disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and antifungal effect. Due to such properties, it is an excellent ingredient of anti-dandruff, anti-seborrheic and other products that prevent various skin conditions.

Porady piękna

Tips on the hair care

The first step in hair care is washing them thoroughly. To make it effective you should select shampoo for your hair type. If you hair are dry, prone to dandruff or dyed do not wash them every day, because washing your hair you wash off not only dust and remains of cosmetics for styling, but also you wash out the natural lipids. We recommend: if you have dyed hair - shampoo for dry, blond and bleached hair CAMOMILE, LIME TREE, MARIGOLD, if you have hair with a tendency to dandruff - shampoo with BIRCH, TAR, WILLOW, if you have hair with a tendency to oily and you wash them every day, use a moisturizing shampoo, like shampoo for oily, heavy and dull hair NETTLE, ARNICA, ROSEMARY.


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Kategoria: Hair Care




  • Birch


    The shoe inserts have been cut out of the birch bark. It was believed that they effectively prevent feet from sweating and quickly release from exhaustion.

  • Willow


    Willows,next to the poplars, are the fastest growing trees in Europe. For example, common osier's growth during the first year may reach 3m!

  • Pine Tar


    Pine tar exhibits a powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and antifungal properties. So is ideal for cosmetics, mainly as an ingredient of anti-dandruff and anti-seborrhoeic products.