Triple strength of herbs shampoo for dry, blond and highlighted hair.
Extracts: chamomile, lime, marigold.
Effect: Shine, moisturising and softness hair.
CAPACITY: 250 ml, 400 ml



Little Lime

Lime and its cosmetic properties are invaluable for our beauty. This little fruit is able to brighten, refresh and protect the skin against free radicals, moreover, it prevents inflammation. It also balances sebum production. Lime is an excellent cosmetic for people with oily and mixed skin. Excess oil is not just aesthetic problem of a shiny skin; it is also bacteria-friendly environment. Lime can normalize the process and leave the skin oil-free. It can also exfoliate dead skin and soothe the inflamed skin, speeding up the healing process.



Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs used by the cosmetic industry. Commonly, chamomile inflorescence made into an extract is a strong anti-inflammatory that sooths, reduces swellings, softens the skin, improves skin color and firmness and finally it cleanses and refreshes it. Chamomile is perfect for refreshing blond hair, bringing out the natural highlights and making it blonder. Therefore, chamomile extract is a common ingredient of facial skin care products dedicated to sensitive skin prone to allergies as well as shampoos and hair conditioners.



  • Chamomile


    Anglo-Saxons considered chamomile as one of the seven sacred plants. In Ancient Egypt, chamomile has been used to treat fever and sunstroke. In the sixth century to treat the insomnia, back pain, rheumatism and indigestion. In the nineteenth century was used primarily for the treatment of childhood diseases.