Regenerating body lotion enriched with the Noni fruit extract helps epidermis to rebuild.

Intensively moisturises and firms. Its inspiring fragrance transcends your senses to exotic Polinesia.
CAPACITY: 300 ml



Noni fruit

It is one of the so called super-fruits that is a real treasury of various nutrients. It activates the whole body immune system. It also works perfectly when it comes to skin as it contains carbohydrates that moisturize and smooth the skin and fruit acids that make it a keratolytic and exfoliating agent, refreshing the skin and speeding up regeneration process. Noni juice is a valued food supplement which is recognized for its ability to improve the overall health condition.

Porady piękna

Tips on using body balms.

Choosing the right balm you should first consider what are individual needs of your skin. Because of the way the lotions work they are divided into: firming, moisturizing, rejuvenating, regenerating. Balms should be applied on thoroughly cleansed skin of the whole body except the face, which is much more sensitive - this type of cosmetic could irritate delivate face skin. As we use balms often, not only its effective action is important but also its smell. Perfect will be exotic body lotions EVA NATURA, which enriched with the extracts of exotic plants will improve your skin condition and prevent it from dryin, giving it a beautiful and healthy look. An additional advantage is the exotic scent that will take your senses to the farthest corners of the world.


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Kategoria: Body Lotions