Regenerating bath foam with lavender oil

This liquid, containing natural lavender, thyme oils and green tea extract, helps you to obtain full rest and relaxation. This product is intended for preparation of a foam bath. It provides gentle care for your body and optimum moisture to your skin. Now  with intensified fragrance.




Lavender's most valuable component is the essential oil that is proven to have calming, antibacterial and disinfecting effect. It also contains tannins, flavonoids and coumarin. Cosmetic industry values mostly the refreshing, antibacterial and disinfecting properties of lavender. Lavender cosmetics are recommended for oily and acne skin and foot care. Lavender oil can be used for aromatic baths.

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Tips on body care.

The first step in skin care is its thorough washing. If you appreciate not only effective cleaning but also moisturizing properties and smell, EVA NATURA shower gels will be perfect for you. Depending on your preferences you can choose product which will relax, cool off and moisturize your skin, and at the same time will stimulate your senses with beautiful, exotic smells.


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    In 1920, French chemist Rene-Maurice Gatefosse while working in the lab burned his hand and instinctively dipped it in the nearest vessel with the liquid, which as it turned out was the lavender oil. Pain was gone almost immediately, and the wound after burn healed remarkably well, without leaving scars. Gatefosse then applied lavender oil providing wounded soldiers and wasthe first to introduce the term "aromatherapy".