GB The bath with Tiare flower extract stimulates your senses and calms your mind.

Gently cleanses and cares for your body. For a foam bath.
CAPACITY: 750 ml



Monoi oil

Having originated in Tahiti islands, Monoi de Tahiti oil is a unique, traditional oil that combines excellent skin care properties with an intriguing, interesting fragrant of exotic flowers. It is manufactured by macerating hand-picked gardenia flowers of Gardenia Tahitensis genus in cold-pressed coconut oil without any additives. Due to the high content of methyl salicylate, the oil has a strong moisturizing effect, smoothing and softening the skin. Massaged into the skin, it leaves a delicate, silky coat that protects it against environmental agents and additionally increases skin elasticity and firmness. The oil has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties including the ability to soothe irritations. It can regenerate dry hair with split ends. Put on the hair and absorbed, it smoothens the hair, preventing damages and protecting against detergents or salty, chlorinated water. It also demonstrates anti-dandruff properties, reducing itching and skin irritation.

Porady piękna

Tips on bubble baths

The task of the bubble baths is most of all to help our senses to achieve the state of full relaxation during the bath. They should also provide gentle care for our skin. There is a wide range of these cosmetics, and therefore everyone should choose the scent and action suitable for individual needs. If you wish to enjoy the stimulating bath you should choose: stimulating bubble bath MONOI DE TAHITI, energizing bubble bath GOJI FRUIT or energizing bubble bath with AMBER biocomplex. For those who need relaxation and senses relief the best choice would be anti-stress bubble bath with FIR OIL, moisturizing and soothing bubble bath with FLAX biocomplex linen, bubble bath with LAVENDER essential oils, mellowing bubble bath NONI FRUIT or relaxing bubble bath INDYSJKI LOTOS.


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