Moisturizing and soothing bubble bath with flax biocomplex.

Ideal for a relaxing and soothing bubble bath. Leaves the skin pleasantly and delicately scented, adding some vitality and comfort.

CAPACITY: 1000 ml




Flax biocomplex has been demonstrated to provide anti-inflammatory properties helping to strengthen the skin and soothe irritation. Due to a high content of polyphenols, proteins, microelements and flavonoids, it stimulates cell regeneration. It also contains several vitamins: A, B, E and F as well as protective substances. They play an important role in cells' metabolic processes, forming and providing organism with energy. Delivered externally, particularly to dry and rough skin, it supports correct functioning of the skin. Epidermal lipid barrier is strengthened and skin becomes more immune to irritation causing agents. Flax biocomplex prevents uneven pigmentation, increases collagen synthesis and moisturizes the skin.

Porady piękna

Tips on bubble baths

The task of the bubble baths is most of all to help our senses to achieve the state of full relaxation during the bath. They should also provide gentle care for our skin. There is a wide range of these cosmetics, and therefore everyone should choose the scent and action suitable for individual needs. If you wish to enjoy the stimulating bath you should choose: stimulating bubble bath MONOI DE TAHITI, energizing bubble bath GOJI FRUIT or energizing bubble bath with AMBER biocomplex. For those who need relaxation and senses relief the best choice would be anti-stress bubble bath with FIR OIL, moisturizing and soothing bubble bath with FLAX biocomplex linen, bubble bath with LAVENDER essential oils, mellowing bubble bath NONI FRUIT or relaxing bubble bath INDYSJKI LOTOS.


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