NATURE STYLE SHAMPOO with black turnip 240 ml

Shampoo for normal, oil, thinning  and fragile  hair. Contains black turnip rich in organic sulfur compounds, vitamin C and minerals.

Capacity: 240ml



Black turnip

Black turnip extract has been recognized by the traditional and folk medicine as the most effective way to control greasy hair, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. It tones the scalp, reducing seborrhea and regenerating sebaceous glands. It contains, among others, essential oil, sulphur compounds, vitamin C and minerals.

Porady piękna

Tips on haircare

The first step in hair care is washing them thoroughly. To make it effective you should select shampoo for your hair type. If you hair are dry, prone to dandruff or dyed do not wash them every day, because washing your hair you wash off not only dust and remains of cosmetics for styling, but also you wash out the natural lipids.


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  • Black Turnip


    Black turnip because of its properties is very often used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is added mostly to shampoos. It strengthens and improves hair condition. It is also used for the production of a number of drugs for liver ailments.