NATURE STYLE Shampoo with nettle 1000ml

Shampoo for oil and normal hair.Contains natural extract of nettle.

Capacity: 1000ml




This, common in our country, plant is mainly associated with the hollow stinging hairs that are particularly well known to children. Despite the name, this herb proves to have remarkable healing and cosmetic properties. Due to the fact that it contains numerous active compounds, such as vitamins (C, K, B2), silicon, minerals and carotenoids, nettle leaf extract strengthens hair, stimulating their growth, improving elasticity and making them glossy and healthy looking. Nettle stops hair loss, tones and cleanses the scalp, blocking the dandruff.

Porady piękna

Tips on haircare

The first step in hair care is washing them thoroughly. To make it effective you should select shampoo for your hair type. If you hair are dry, prone to dandruff or dyed do not wash them every day, because washing your hair you wash off not only dust and remains of cosmetics for styling, but also you wash out the natural lipids.


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    Fiber obtained from the nettle;s stalk is long and strong. Once it's been widely used in the manufacture of twine, ropes and even fabrics. Albert the Great in the twelfth century as the first described the nettle as a spinning material. Only a few centuries later it has been replaced with the cotton and silk. During World War I in Germany nettle has been used again to produce fabrics due to the lack of cotton.