Protection from drying.

Creamy liquid soap enriched with milk and honey. Gently washes, softens and protects hand skin from drying.
CAPACITY: 500 ml




Today, there aren't many cosmetic companies that wouldn't use it as it is well known that milk, high in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E and B group, strengthens the body not only from the inside but also, processed and added to creams, improves skin condition. Milk proteins penetrate skin cells stimulating collagen and elastin production and simultaneously increasing the content of the moisturizing hyaluronic acid, promoting skin regeneration and firming and as a result smoothing the wrinkles. It is added to facial creams and masks dedicated to aging skin that has started to lose the elasticity. Amino acids found in milk have the ability to retain water in the epidermis which increases skin moisturizing and improves elasticity of the stratum corneum. Hence, they are common ingredient of the moisturizers. Hair products containing milk proteins strengthen hair giving them healthy, shiny look. Milk lipids can restore the damaged hydrolipid skin layer and therefore they are often used by the products dedicated to sensitive, dry or irritated skin.



Enzymes, hormones and antibacterial substances make honey a truly versatile substance in relation to skin care. Honey can moisturize, regenerate, cleanse and smooth the skin. It is a wonderful ingredient of home-made facial masks. It also contains flavonoids responsible for removing free radicals from the body and is well known to prevent aging. Honey helps to moisturize the skin and maintain the proper moisture level. Therefore, it is often used as a natural ingredient of all types of cosmetics for sensitive, delicate skin also for the children.

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Tips on liquid soaps

It is very important to wash our hands frequently. It is also important what cosmetic we use for this purpose. The ideal soap should not only have antibacterial activity, but also should care for the delicate skin of our hands, which by frequent washing tends to dry out and damage. A suitable choice would be one of the EVA NATURA creamy soaps, which not only provide excellent protection against dirt and bacteria, but also nourish and moisturize your skin. This series includes: liquid soaps for hands with MILK and HONEY, VITAMIN E and D-PANTHENOL, GREEN OLIVE and LIME, LAVENDER and GREAN TEA, WILD ROSE and CORNFLOWER, CHAMOMILE and ALOE VERA


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  • Milk


    In ancient times, many women like Cleopatra or Nero's wife Poppea believed that bathing in donkey's milk helps maintain beauty.Taking care of the beauty, Poppea bathed daily in milk produced by 500 donkeys. Rubbing the skin with bread soaked in milk was popular in Rome - it was one of the first natural body scrubs.

  • Honey


    To produce 1 kg of honey, bee needs to sit on flowers or leaves about 4 million times.