Hand and nail lightening cream with natural vitamin C

This is a daily cream for  damaged and irritated skin and hands. It contains camomile  and lemon extracts, which are a source of valuable  vitamin C, with anti-inflammatory, regenerating and anti -oxidant effects.The inclusion of  allantoin enhances the soothing and relieving action of the cream.Glycerine and D-panthenol are excellent for moistuising and smoothing out the epidermis, reducing its its roughness. Natural vitamin C neutralises the harmful effect of free radicalc, brightens and  refreshes the skin.Your hands will regain their natural delicacy and softness.




With antibacterial and antiseptic properties, lemon works excellent in brightening skin, cleansing and refreshing the complexion, smoothing out wrinkles, it can even help you to reduce cellulite. High in vitamin C that stimulates cells and collagen production, it can also restore the appropriate pH balance, help to minimize the appearance of pores and get rid of pimples. Hence, it is perfect for oily skin and whenever hyperpigmentation needs to be reduced. Lemon is also useful in hair care: it inhibits seborrhea giving the hair shine and gloss. Lemon juice may slightly lighten the hair color adding a platinum shade.



With moisturizing and softening properties, this substance helps to protect the skin against loss of moisture and harmful effect of the environment. It penetrates the skin deeply and retains moisture preventing the excessive transepidermal water loss. Glycerin not only heals irritations and sooths the skin, it also smoothens and regenerates it, helping to improve elasticity and firmness.



Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs used by the cosmetic industry. Commonly, chamomile inflorescence made into an extract is a strong anti-inflammatory that sooths, reduces swellings, softens the skin, improves skin color and firmness and finally it cleanses and refreshes it. Chamomile is perfect for refreshing blond hair, bringing out the natural highlights and making it blonder. Therefore, chamomile extract is a common ingredient of facial skin care products dedicated to sensitive skin prone to allergies as well as shampoos and hair conditioners.

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Tips on body care.

The first step in skin care is its thorough washing. If you appreciate not only effective cleaning but also moisturizing properties and smell, EVA NATURA shower gels will be perfect for you. Depending on your preferences you can choose product which will relax, cool off and moisturize your skin, and at the same time will stimulate your senses with beautiful, exotic smells.


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  • Chamomile


    Anglo-Saxons considered chamomile as one of the seven sacred plants. In Ancient Egypt, chamomile has been used to treat fever and sunstroke. In the sixth century to treat the insomnia, back pain, rheumatism and indigestion. In the nineteenth century was used primarily for the treatment of childhood diseases.

  • Lemon


    To prevent ants and other small insects from coming into to the apartmen spray lemon juce around windows and doors. Dried lemon slices hung in a closet scare moth away.