Hair shampoo EVA NATURA Therapy with almond milk and extract of coconut.

To look beautiful your hair needs relaxation. That is why, we have created a Shampoo which kindly treats your hair with an atmosphere of exotic islands. The nutritive strength of almond milk improves hair condition, making it strong and shiny. Extract of coconut prevents hair from drying out.





With the high content of carbohydrates, proteins and free amino acids, almond milk works excellently whenever the skin needs to be moisturized, softened and smoothen. It reduces rough skin while the vitamins, particularly B group and vitamin E as well as many minerals nourish and regenerate the skin. Essential oil that the almond milk contains disinfects the skin and reduces itching, inflammation and pimples.


Coconut oil

The benefits of the coconut oil in cosmetic field are invaluable. Because of its moisturizing properties, the oil may be used on the skin and, as a mask or serum, on hair. It enhances wound healing, reduces patches of darkened skin, has a soothing effect on skin conditions (eczema), slows down aging process, reducing wrinkles formation, moisturizes and smoothens the skin. As the only oil, it can protect the hair against loss of proteins and due to its specific composition, it is able to penetrate hair structure and moisturize it thoroughly, leaving hair soft, shiny and strong.

Porady piękna

Beauty tip on hair care

The first step in hair care is washing them thoroughly. To make it effective you should select shampoo for your hair type. If you hair is dry, prone to dandruff or dyed do not wash them every day, because washing your hair you wash off not only dust and remains of cosmetics for styling, but also you wash out the natural lipids. We recommend: if you want to regenerate your hair, make them smooth and soft - use a shampoo Eva Nature Therapy Cotton&Peach; If you want to make your hair stronger and more shiny - use a shampoo Eva Nature Therapy Almond&Coconut.


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  • Coconut


    The unusual properties of coconut caused it has been appreciated by the people of the Pacific, where it is called a cure for all diseases.

  • Almond milk


    In ancient Greece, almonds were regarded as a symbol of love. Currently, there is a belief that they act as an aphrodisiac.