Regenerating hair mask EVA NATURA Therapy with cotton milk and peach extract.

To look beautiful your hair needs relaxation. That is why, we have created a Hair Mask which kindly treats your hair with the juiciness of peach and softness of cotton. Cotton flower milk intensively moisturises and regenerates brittle hair damaged by hairdressing treatments. Peach extract provides your hair with vitality and springiness.




Cotton milk is known to combine the hydrophilic properties of the extract from the cotton seeds and cotton oil. It is a rich source of flavonoids, tannins and minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Effectively relieving irritations, it soothes the skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized and redness-free. It also helps to improve the condition of dry and brittle hair. Therefore, it is used in hair-care products that are to moisturize and condition the hair (shampoos, conditioners, masks.)



Peach oil contains triglycerides of higher fatty and unsaturated acids as well as phospholipids. It can easily penetrate the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it while at the same time supplementing any deficiency of lipids. Not only it retains water molecules but it also forms a gentle and invisible protective coat on the skin. Peach oil is an excellent resource in the production of creams (with a goal to deeply moisturize and slow down aging process), milks, bath oils, lotions, hair conditioners, shampoos strengthening hair (dedicated to "tired" and weak hair) as well as soaps. It is considered one of the best substances to be included in regenerating and toning care products.

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Tips on the use of hair masks and hair conditioners

Hair mask can be called "helping hand", which quickly helps to solve our problem. When you feel that your hair is losing its luster, become dry and brittle, this is a sign that the treatment with mask or conditioner is needed. Choosing conditoner or mask consider not only conditon of your hair but also the scalp. This is very important because, for example, using too intensive mask can aggravate the problem of oily scalp. Apply a mask or conditioner to damp, but not dripping with water, hair. Hold for 2-3 minutes, then rinse the product partially. If you have hair with a tendency to oily then rinse them thoroughly. We can recommend: EVA NATURA THERAPY HAIR MASK with ALMOND&COCONUT or EVA NATURA THERAPY HAIR MASK with PEACH&COTTON


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    In China, peaches have been surrounded divine reverence and treated like a relic. Drawings of these fruits adorned the walls of the temples. However, the tree itself did not enjoy a good reputation. It was considered cursed by the gods. No one dared to cut it, rotten with age trunk used to be burned, the ashe thrown into the sea.