A lightweight, easily absorbed cream with an intensive anti-wrinkle action.

It provides optimum nutrition, enhances, firms and regenerates the skin. The cream contains rosemary extract rich in flavonoids, which slow the skin aging process.
The cream smooths existing face wrinkles and prevents formation of new ones by stimulating cellular activity of the skin.
It moisturizes, lightly nourishes the skin and visibly improves its firmness and suppleness. It gives the face a rejuvenated appearance and a fresh-looking glow.





In addition to the culinary qualities, rosemary leaves are an invaluable medical and cosmetic material. Particularly valued is the rosemary oil because of the amazing fragrant; added to the bath, it relaxes the muscles. In the field of skin care, rosemary extract is an excellent skin firming agent that tends to reduce wrinkles. Gently releasing muscle tension, it leaves the skin healthy and relaxed. In addition, it is also a strong antioxidant protecting the skin against free radicals and aging process and works as a natural UV filter. Because it has demonstrated to have toning, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, it is perfect for mixed, oily skin with problems.

Porady piękna

Tips on facial care

The first step of facial care is thorough cleansing combined with eye make-up removal. This treatment should be performed particularly careful in the evening before applying the night cream, as during sleep your skin regenerates faster. Then use a toner, to remove potential remains of the cleanser and restore the skin neutral pH. When your skin is ready for the cream, use product matching your skin type and time of day (day cream / night cream). Dab the eye cream on your fingertip onto your eye area. Once a week, perform peeling that removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, brighten and even out skin tone.


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  • Rosemary


    The cult of rosemary is rooted deeply in our culture. In the well-known, Polish song from the World War I rosemary appears as a symbol of youth and success. In ancient times magical properties have been attributed to the rosemary. Bouquets and wreaths were hung in all Roman houses, in order to scare off disease and failure.