This gentle cream easily absorbs into the skin providing an intense nutritional effect and a protective lipid layer.

Ideal for delicate and dry skin. Extract of mullein is rich in flavonoids, which slow the skin aging process. Enriched with allantoin,
olive oil and grapeseed oil, the cream has soothing and healing properties.
It protects your skin against adverse weather conditions – wind, frost. Vitamin E neutralizes the impact of free radicals and environmental pollution and delays aging of the skin.




Verbascum (velvet plant)

Extract made from the plant has been used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Oils and infusions with therapeutic and nourishing effect are commonly made from the yellow, delicate and melliferous flowers that typically contain protective mucus. Therefore, they have been successfully used to heal throat and upper respiratory diseases as well as in sensitive skin care. Moreover, hair conditioners containing verbascum flower extract help to lighten blond hair resulting in a beautiful shade.



Cosmetic industry uses a specially purified olive oil extracted from the ripe olives. It provides skin with important unsaturated fatty acids, carotenoids, phytosterols, phospholipids and tocopherols (vitamin E.) An excellent nourishing agent, it smoothens the skin, prevents it from cracking and was proven to have soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.



Grapes contain large amounts of flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Such mixture of components has a strong antioxidant effect and thereby helps to prevent skin aging. Because they contain tannin that positively stimulates the cells to burn fat, grape extracts are used in anti-cellulite and slimming products. Grapes are also known to have the ability to nourish, strengthen, moisturize and smooth. Therefore, we can find the extracts in various skin care products, body scrubs, creams or shampoos.

Porady piękna

Tips on facial care

The first step of facial care is thorough cleansing combined with eye make-up removal. This treatment should be performed particularly careful in the evening before applying the night cream, as during sleep your skin regenerates faster. Then use a toner, to remove potential remains of the cleanser and restore the skin neutral pH. When your skin is ready for the cream, use product matching your skin type and time of day (day cream / night cream). Dab the eye cream on your fingertip onto your eye area. Once a week, perform peeling that removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, brighten and even out skin tone.


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  • Verbascum (velvet plant)


    Mullein properties were already known in antiquity - used as a mean working against magic and evil eye. It has also been used as insulating material for shoes. Due to its relative high flammability it was used for production of torches and wicks for candles.

  • Oil


    Green and black olives come from the same olive tree. Their color is determinated by the stage of growth at which they are picked. Ripe fruit is black.

  • Grapes


    One of the Spanish custom dictates to eat one grape each beat of the clock at midnight on New Year's Eve, and then make a wish that should come true in the coming year. To allow a smooth swallowing the grapes, the mechanisms of the clocks on the city's town halls are slowed down a bit earlier. As a result, the New Year in Spain is announced a few seconds earlier than in other European countries.