Eva Natura BIOcomplex Soothing micellar liquid 40+

Flax BioComplex, Aloe Vera Juice, Arginine

Micellar liquid combines the lightness of tonic water and the powerful effect of cleansing milk. Delicately, yet thoroughly, it lifts and removes all impurities as well as eye make-up. The addition of the patented flax biocomplex and aloe vera juice prevents inflammation and soothes irritations. With numerous nourishing agents, the epidermal is visibly reinforced. Arginine maintains proper hydration and has a soothing effect.

Does not require water.

Safe for contact lenses users.





Aloe has been discovered to contain 160 active agents that have the ability to stimulate the skin, such as vitamins A, E, C and E, enzymes, proteins, Biostymina, sugars and trace elements. Biologically active substances are especially valuable as they are behind the plant's anti-inflammatory, germicidal, smoothing, moisturizing, regenerating, astringent properties. In addition, it can also protect against the sun radiation. Due to the healing properties, it is particularly effective on seborrheic, inflamed skin. Effectively moisturizing dry skin prone to desquamation, it improves elasticity and circulation of the aging skin. In the cosmetic field, aloe is used in shampoos for oily hair and irritated, inflamed scalp. It is also added to the solutions preventing seborrhea-related hair loss and curing fungal infections of the scalp.



Flax biocomplex has been demonstrated to provide anti-inflammatory properties helping to strengthen the skin and soothe irritation. Due to a high content of polyphenols, proteins, microelements and flavonoids, it stimulates cell regeneration. It also contains several vitamins: A, B, E and F as well as protective substances. They play an important role in cells' metabolic processes, forming and providing organism with energy. Delivered externally, particularly to dry and rough skin, it supports correct functioning of the skin. Epidermal lipid barrier is strengthened and skin becomes more immune to irritation causing agents. Flax biocomplex prevents uneven pigmentation, increases collagen synthesis and moisturizes the skin.

Porady piękna

Tips on facial care

The first step of facial care is thorough cleansing combined with eye make-up removal. This treatment should be performed particularly careful in the evening before applying the night cream, as during sleep your skin regenerates faster. Then use a toner, to remove potential remains of the cleanser and restore the skin neutral pH. When your skin is ready for the cream, use product matching your skin type and time of day (day cream / night cream). Dab the eye cream on your fingertip onto your eye area. Once a week, perform peeling that removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, brighten and even out skin tone.

Tips on facial cleansing

Cleansing is the first essential step to any daily skin care routine. This treatment should be performed particularly careful in the evening before applying the night cream, as during sleep your skin regenerates faster. What you need to remove from the skin is not only dust and remains of the make-up, but also sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria. Dirty skin can not breathe properly, cosmetics applied do not work effectively. You have a choice of several products to thoroughly clean your skin, among others, face cleansing gel, cleansing milk or micellar liquid. The choice depends on your skin type. For people having extremely sensitive skin that reacts badly to washing even with clean water, cleansing milk or micellar liquid is recommended. Moisten cotton pad with liquid then gently wipe eye make-up off. Use another pad to clean skin of the face and neck. Wash gel is a great option for those who can not imagine cleaning without using water. This cosmetic thoroughly removes impurities and has a neutral pH. On a damp face, apply a small amount of gel, gently spread. Rinse with warm water .


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  • Arginine

  • Aloe


    The homeland of this remarkable plant is Africa, but it can be found in many other parts of our planet. No wonder, because the family of aloe is very large - it includes more than 250 varieties. Most of them got perfectly adapted to the harsh, often desert vegetation conditions. With its ability to store water aloe can survive without it even five years!

  • Flax

    Flax - gold from the Polish fields. Flax is known and recognized in folk medicine for centuries. It is one of the plants which value makes it timeless.These tiny seeds are extremely rich in valuable for the skin and body active ingredients.Flax’s value is confirmed also by the Latin species name ‘usitatissimum’ what means ‘most useful’.Flax is valued both in modern nutrition and cosmetics. Therefore, cosmetics containing in its formula flax can be a perfect addition to diet.Currently flax is very popular also thanks to Dr. Johanna Budwig, German biochemist, proclaiming the favor of this rich in fatty acids oil. Indeed, linseed (flax) oil contains a wealth of fatty acids, such as: α-linolenic acid (omega-3), linoleic acid (omega-6), oleic acid (omega-9), and others - myristic acid, palmitic, stearic, arachidic, arachidonic. Fatty acids contained in linseed oil - linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic form a complex called vitamin F or EFAs (essential fatty acids). Presence of these acids in the body has a huge impact on the cells metabolic processes, is the basic building and energy material. Especially sensitive, dry and calloused skin needs to by supplied with them from the outside to ensure its proper functioning. Reinforces the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis Increases the resistance of the skin to irritants what is so important in the case of sensitive skin.