Eva Natura BIOcomplex Rejuvenating day cream SPF 6 for mature skin 50+

Rejuvenating day cream  SPF 6

For mature skin

Amber BioComplex, Coenzyme Q10, Shea Butter

This cream is recommended for everyday care of a mature skin prone to loss of elasticity.

Synergistic combination of amber biocomplex and coenzyme Q10 boosts the energy necessary to activate skin renewal mechanisms responsible for ensuring consistency and firmness of the skin. It also improves tissue oxidation and effectively protects against free radicals.

Pure tetrapeptide stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid which promotes firmer, wrinkles-free skin.

Natural grape seed oil and Shea butter not only leave the skin moisturised and smooth, they also protect it against photo-ageing.

The skin is visibly revived, firmer and silk smooth.

This cream works perfectly as a make-up base.

It contains UVB/UVA filters.


Shea Butter

Coenzyme Q10



Specifically mikronized amber, supplemented with synergy infusing, energetic marine component Artemia Salina. This compound is the progenitor of ATP - cellular energy storage necessary for all cells to function properly. Delivered by the complex, the energy stimulates development of the cells responsible for skin regeneration, increases synthesis of proteins necessary for the correct functioning of skin cells, supports defense against free radicals, promotes DNA protection and repair mechanisms.



Sun care products are to protect our skin against the damage caused by sun. They are marked with SPF acronym and a number. SPF - Sun Protection Factor - determines how much more time can a person spend in the sun without sunburn as compared to being out in the sun without any protection.

Porady piękna

Tips on the choice of face cream

Face cream is the best guardian of our beauty, but choosing appropriate one is an art, which many of us have to learn yet. Remember that your skin's needs change over the years, but unnecessarily the same way as your friend's who is the same age. It is best to carefully observe your skin and read the signs it wants to tell us. Generally we may say that the skin of a 30 year old person is firm, there are no major problems with excessive moisture loss and has a nice tone. At this age intensive moisturization, antioxidant protection, and if necessary, fight against imperfections are recommended. Over 30 you should include creams for first mimic wrinkles and continue antioxidant protection. For mature women more intensive anti-wrinkle treatments are recommended, products like serum which is more concentrated and contain components leveling skin color.


Kategoria: Facial Care



Kategoria: Face creams




  • Shea Butter

  • Coenzyme Q10

  • Amber


    The largest known lump of amber weighing 9.75 kg was found in 1860 near Kamien Pomorski in Poland and at present is kept in a Humboldt museum in Berlin.