Energising bath foam with amber biocomplex

This liquid, containing amber biocomplex, enables full rest and relaxation. This product is intended for preparation of a foam bath. It provides gentle care for your body and optimum moisture to your skin. Now even more efficient. Recommended for all.




Specifically mikronized amber, supplemented with synergy infusing, energetic marine component Artemia Salina. This compound is the progenitor of ATP - cellular energy storage necessary for all cells to function properly. Delivered by the complex, the energy stimulates development of the cells responsible for skin regeneration, increases synthesis of proteins necessary for the correct functioning of skin cells, supports defense against free radicals, promotes DNA protection and repair mechanisms.

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Tips on body care.

The first step in skin care is its thorough washing. If you appreciate not only effective cleaning but also moisturizing properties and smell, EVA NATURA shower gels will be perfect for you. Depending on your preferences you can choose product which will relax, cool off and moisturize your skin, and at the same time will stimulate your senses with beautiful, exotic smells.


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