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    This is a daily cream for  damaged and irritated skin and hands. It contains camomile  and lemon extracts, which are a source of valuable  vitamin C, with anti-inflammatory, regenerating and anti -oxidant effects.The inclusion of  allantoin enhances the soothing and relieving action of the cream.Glycerine and D-panthenol are excellent for moistuising and smoothing out the epidermis, reducing its its roughness. Natural vitamin C neutralises the harmful effect of free radicalc, brightens and  refreshes the skin.Your hands will regain their natural delicacy and softness.

    Hand and nail lightening cream with natural vitamin C

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    This is an intensive care cream for hands with mature, dry and delicate skin.The  content of energising  amber BIOcomplex and vitamin C prevents ageing process and smoothes the skin.It reduces discolourations which appear with age and balances the colour  of the skin.D- panthenol, allantoin and  shea butter moisturise and oil the skin, leaving hands silky smooth and reinforcing the nail plates.The cream is a absorberbed quickly, leaving a delicate  protective  film. Your skin will regain its softness and delicacy.

    Hand and nail rejuvenating cream with amber biocomplex

  • LEN-KremDoRak_NowaTuba logo_Eva_Natura-150x98

    Moisturises the skin of the hands and protects it from the negative effects of external elements, including the harmful effects of detergents. Applied several times a day, it slightly oils and softens the epidermis of hands. Strengthens nails, preventing breaking and splitting and restoring their healthy look. CAPACITY: 100 ml


  • LEN-KremDoStop_NowaTuba logo_Eva_Natura-150x98

    Recommended for daily care of feet prone broken skin at the heel. Contains linseed biocomplex rich in nourishing and moisturising substances, vitamin A, allantoin and organic urea which softens hard, breaking epidermal skin. CAPACITY: 100 ml


  • Len-BalsamDoStop_NowaTuba logo_Eva_Natura-150x98

    Recommended for daily care of the feet. Nourishes and smoothes down the rough epidermis of feet. Has fungicidal properties. Relaxes after a days work, soothing tired feet. CAPACITY: 100 ml