• pp


    Necessary for the skin to maintain proper function, e.g., during cornification process. Deficiency of the vitamin may cause skin inflammation, flaking and roughness. It blocks the aging of hair follicle.

  • orchidea


    This unique plant, due to its remarkable durability and viability, is recognized as the symbol of beauty and eternal youth. White orchid is a precious source of polyphenols and polysaccharides that tend to reduce harmful free-radical reactions, thereby, it delays aging process, provides optimum moisture level, softens the skin and smoothes out fine expression lines.

  • mietapieprzowa


    Peppermint oil can improve skin condition. With the content of menthol, the oil relaxes tired skin and brightens the body. Peppermint is also known to have a refreshing effect and balance the production of natural fats, while the oil makes the skin smooth and radiant. It is also used in hair care products where it helps to get rid of dandruff and frizzy hair problem giving the hair healthy, disciplined and shiny look.

  • mlekobawelna

    Cotton milk

    Cotton milk is known to combine the hydrophilic properties of the extract from the cotton seeds and cotton oil. It is a rich source of flavonoids, tannins and minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Effectively relieving irritations, it soothes the skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized and redness-free. It also helps to improve the condition of dry and brittle hair. Therefore, it is used in hair-care products that are to moisturize and condition the hair (shampoos, conditioners, masks.)

  • mlekomigdal

    Almond milk

    With the high content of sugars, proteins and free amino acids, almond milk works excellent whenever the skin needs to be moisturized, softened and smoothen. It reduces rough skin while the vitamins, particularly B group and vitamin E as well as many minerals nourish and regenerate the skin. Essential oil that the almond milk contains disinfects the skin and reduces itching, inflammation and pimples.

  • cukier

    Cane sugar

    In the cosmetic field, sugar is used mainly in body scrubs. Unrefined sugar is added not only because of its mechanical properties but also as a nutrition containing many valuable elements (including iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.) Scrubs can be based on two types of sugar grains – coarse and fine grain – both work excellently cleaning the skin thoroughly and removing dead tissue without causing any irritation or sensitization. Sugar body scrubs are particularly recommended for very dry areas, such as knees, elbows and soles. They leave the skin smooth, promote elasticity and help to absorb other cosmetics.

  • szalwia


    Sage has been long used by the cosmetic industry due to its strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Therefore, it has been mostly used for oily and acne skin and as an ingredient of dental and mouth care products. Sage has been demonstrated to have deodorizing and soothing effect inhibiting development of pathogens, hence it is often used in deodorants and formulas dedicated to treating excessive sweating.

  • lipa


    With high content of flavonoids, amino acids, organic acids, triterpenes, tannins, vitamins and sugars, linden can moisturize, smooth and soothe irritated skin. It protects sensitive skin and strengthens its protective function.

  • wierzba


    White willow extract contains tannins, salicylic compounds (salicylic acids precursors), organic acids and minerals. It is applied by the cosmetic industry in skin care products as it has demonstrated to have excellent anti-inflammatory, keratolytic (facilitates exfoliation of stratum corneum), toning, bacteriostatic effect, it also seals capillaries and cleanses skin pores. Therefore, the extract is recommended for rosacea, acne, oily and mixed skin. At the same time, shampoos containing white willow extract are excellent solution for greasy hair prone do dandruff.

  • dziegiec

    Pine tar

    Pine tar has been demonstrated to have a strong disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and antifungal effect. Due to such properties, it is an excellent ingredient of anti-dandruff, anti-seborrheic and other products that prevent various skin conditions.

  • lopian


    Active substances contained in the burdock root are mainly polyacetylenes, essential oil, inulins, mucus, minerals and sterols. Extract is employed for oily skin care and to heal skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, boils, seborrheic dermatitis.) It is also used to treat excessive hair loss, greasy hair and dandruff and is added to formulas that cleanse the scalp and have antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

  • skrzyp


    High in various minerals (potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium and others), water soluble compounds of silicon, saponins, flavonoids, organic acids, carotenoids and vitamin C, it regenerates, sooths and cleanses the skin, improving blood circulation therefore leaving the skin firmed. It also stimulates enzymes.

  • arnika


    Most often used parts of the plant are the yellow flower heads. Arnica’s active agents include flavonoids, essential oils, phytosterols and caretonoids. Infusions and extracts are usually applied externally to treat haematomas, bruises, hemorrhages and ulcers. Active agents quickly penetrate the skin and reach capillaries strengthening their walls. They prevent vain clots. Substances containing arnica extract are known to be excellent solution for capillary, sensitive skin prone to irritation, including the skin under the eyes as they decrease swelling and shadows.

  • oliwka

    Green and black olives

    Green and black olives come from the same olive tree. Their color is determinated by the stage of growth at which they are picked. Ripe fruit is black.

  • dpanthenol


    Necessary for the skin to function normally. It tones and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and firm and preventing inflammation. Able to soothe skin irritation, it regenerates and prevents skin flaking. It also strengthens and regenerates hair, helping to prevent it from excessive dryness. By penetrating hair root, it protects it against fission, thickens weak hair, adds gloss and elasticity and makes brushing easier.

  • zielonaherbata

    Grean tea

    It has originated in Asia where it is the symbol of youth and long life. Green tea is a rich source of polyphenols that are strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It removes free radicals that are behind aging processes. Body wraps, facial masks and tonics made of green tea are used for oily skin because they minimize skin pores and have an antiseptic and toning effect. In addition, green tea works excellently on aging skin, revitalizing and brightening it and at the same time protecting sensitive skin structures against free radicals. It is good for the blood vessels as it shrinks them and reduces redness (erythema.)

  • witaminae

    Vitamin E

    Commonly known as the „youth vitamin,” it has a positive effect on dry, flabby skin prone to wrinkles as it stimulates it. It penetrates the skin very well, protects it against free radicals and works as an antioxidant. Called „a natural moisturizer,” it is an anti-inflammatory that protects against harmful effects of UV radiation, nourishes the skin and sooths irritation. It also improves microcirculation of the blood vessels and reduces age spots.

  • witaminac

    Vitamin C

    Active and durable. It takes part in collagen synthesis and cellular oxidation. Effectively fighting free radicals (the main reason of skin aging), it strengthens and moisturizes the skin, protecting it against harmful UV radiation.

  • tatarak


    Calamus has been widely used not only by medicine but also cosmetic industry, mainly due to a high content of essential oil. Calamus essential oil is a valuable base for fragrant compositions. It is used in perfume production and as a fragrant fixative. Aromatherapy uses the plant for calming and relaxing baths which also have an anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and disinfecting effect.

  • rumianek


    Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs used by the cosmetic industry. Commonly, chamomile inflorescence made into an extract is a strong anti-inflammatory that sooths, reduces swellings, softens the skin, improves skin color and firmness and finally it cleanses and refreshes it. Chamomile is perfect for refreshing blond hair, bringing out the natural highlights and making it blonder. Therefore, chamomile extract is a common ingredient of facial skin care products dedicated to sensitive skin prone to allergies as well as shampoos and hair conditioners.

  • rozmaryn


    In addition to the culinary qualities, rosemary leaves are an invaluable medical and cosmetic material. Particularly valued is the rosemary oil because of the amazing fragrant; added to the bath, it relaxes the muscles. In the field of skin care, rosemary extract is an excellent skin firming agent that tends to reduce wrinkles. Gently releasing muscle tension, it leaves the skin healthy and relaxed. In addition, it is also a strong antioxidant protecting the skin against free radicals and aging process and works as a natural UV filter. Because it has demonstrated to have toning, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, it is perfect for mixed, oily skin with problems.

  • pszenica


    Proteins, natural and rich source of amino acids that moisturize and smooth out the skin. They strengthen epidermal protective system, neutralize irritation caused by external agents and remove signs of aging while wheat germ oil is a valued cosmetic resource containing lecithin, valuable lipids, large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, natural vitamin E, provitamin A (carotene), provitamin D and enzymes. With those components, proteins included in the wheat germ oil are able to nourish, smooth and soften the skin, preventing it against various skin conditions. The oil is also recommended for aging skin that has started to lose the elasticity. Not only it can regenerate and nourish but it is also a natural antioxidant.

  • pokrzywa


    This, common in our country, plant is mainly associated with the hollow stinging hairs that are particularly well known to children. Despite the name, this herb proves to have remarkable healing and cosmetic properties. Due to the fact that it contains numerous active compounds, such as vitamins (C, K, B2), silicon, minerals and carotenoids, nettle leaf extract strengthens hair, stimulating their growth, improving elasticity and making them glossy and healthy looking. Nettle stops hair loss, tones and cleanses the scalp, blocking the dandruff.

  • nagietek


    Calendula can be used internally and externally. It is used in body wraps and ointments dedicated to skin prone to pimples, allergies and other problems. Orange petals are more valuable. Calendula contains saponins, caretonoids and flavonoids. With strong regenerating properties, it quickens the process of injuries healing. Saponins are proven to have anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and they are used in regeneration-promoting skin products dedicated to flaking skin.

  • bawelna

    Cotton milk

    Cotton milk is known to combine the hydrophilic properties of the extract from the cotton seeds and cotton oil. It is a rich source of flavonoids, tannins and minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Effectively relieving irritations, it soothes the skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized and redness-free. It also helps to improve the condition of dry and brittle hair. Therefore, it is used in hair-care products that are to moisturize and condition the hair (shampoos, conditioners, masks.)

  • mleko


    Today, there aren’t many cosmetic companies that wouldn’t use it as it is well known that milk, high in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E and B group, strengthens the body not only from the inside but also, processed and added to creams, improves skin condition. Milk proteins penetrate skin cells stimulating collagen and elastin production and simultaneously increasing the content of the moisturizing hyaluronic acid, promoting skin regeneration and firming and as a result smoothing the wrinkles. It is added to facial creams and masks dedicated to aging skin that has started to lose the elasticity. Amino acids found in milk have the ability to retain water in the epidermis which increases skin moisturizing and improves elasticity of the stratum corneum. Hence, they are common ingredient of the moisturizers. Hair products containing milk proteins strengthen hair giving them healthy, shiny look. Milk lipids can restore the damaged hydrolipid skin layer and therefore they are often used by the products dedicated to sensitive, dry or irritated skin.

  • miod


    Enzymes, hormones and antibacterial substances make honey a truly versatile substance in relation to skin care. Honey can moisturize, regenerate, cleanse and smooth the skin. It is a wonderful ingredient of home-made facial masks. It also contains flavonoids responsible for removing free radicals from the body and is well known to prevent aging. Honey helps to moisturize the skin and maintain the proper moisture level. Therefore, it is often used as a natural ingredient of all types of cosmetics for sensitive, delicate skin also for the children.

  • migdal

    Almond milk

    With the high content of carbohydrates, proteins and free amino acids, almond milk works excellently whenever the skin needs to be moisturized, softened and smoothen. It reduces rough skin while the vitamins, particularly B group and vitamin E as well as many minerals nourish and regenerate the skin. Essential oil that the almond milk contains disinfects the skin and reduces itching, inflammation and pimples.

  • melisa


    Melissa’s main component is the essential oil. It contains high level of terpenic compounds, polyphenols, flavonoids and minerals. Demonstrating great refreshing, toning and soothing effect on the skin, cosmetic industry has been using the herb for products dedicated to oily skin and hair. Fresh Melissa extract has proven to tone and soothe irritated skin and balance sebum production. Whenever added to herbal facial masks, it leaves the skin truly freshened.

  • len


    Flax biocomplex has been demonstrated to provide anti-inflammatory properties helping to strengthen the skin and soothe irritation. Due to a high content of polyphenols, proteins, microelements and flavonoids, it stimulates cell regeneration. It also contains several vitamins: A, B, E and F as well as protective substances. They play an important role in cells’ metabolic processes, forming and providing organism with energy. Delivered externally, particularly to dry and rough skin, it supports correct functioning of the skin. Epidermal lipid barrier is strengthened and skin becomes more immune to irritation causing agents. Flax biocomplex prevents uneven pigmentation, increases collagen synthesis and moisturizes the skin.

  • lawenda


    Lavender’s most valuable component is the essential oil that is proven to have calming, antibacterial and disinfecting effect. It also contains tannins, flavonoids and coumarin. Cosmetic industry values mostly the refreshing, antibacterial and disinfecting properties of lavender. Lavender cosmetics are recommended for oily and acne skin and foot care. Lavender oil can be used for aromatic baths.

  • monoidethaiti

    Monoi de Tahiti

    Having originated in Tahiti islands, Monoi de Tahiti oil is a unique, traditional oil that combines excellent skin care properties with an intriguing, interesting fragrant of exotic flowers. It is manufactured by macerating hand-picked gardenia flowers of Gardenia Tahitensis genus in cold-pressed coconut oil without any additives. Due to the high content of methyl salicylate, the oil has a strong moisturizing effect, smoothing and softening the skin. Massaged into the skin, it leaves a delicate, silky coat that protects it against environmental agents and additionally increases skin elasticity and firmness. The oil has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties including the ability to soothe irritations. It can regenerate dry hair with split ends. Put on the hair and absorbed, it smoothens the hair, preventing damages and protecting against detergents or salty, chlorinated water. It also demonstrates anti-dandruff properties, reducing itching and skin irritation.

  • indyjskilotos

    Lotus flower from India

    Apart from India, the lotus flower is also the national symbol of Vietnam. In Egypt, the lotus is associated with the god of the sun and therefore it is widely recognized as a symbol of good luck. Few people know that the seeds, leaves and tubers of lotus are edible.

  • olejkokosowy

    Coconut oil

    The benefits of the coconut oil in cosmetic field are invaluable. Because of its moisturizing properties, the oil may be used on the skin and, as a mask or serum, on hair. It enhances wound healing, reduces patches of darkened skin, has a soothing effect on skin conditions (eczema), slows down aging process, reducing wrinkles formation, moisturizes and smoothens the skin. As the only oil, it can protect the hair against loss of proteins and due to its specific composition, it is able to penetrate hair structure and moisturize it thoroughly, leaving hair soft, shiny and strong.

  • kaszmir


    Kashmir proteins help to soften and smooth the skin and hair and the amino acids they contain are excellent skin moisturizers. Kashmir is used in products dedicated to cleansing and preventing skin and hair from drying during the washing.

  • jodla


    Cosmetic industry has been long using fir oil. It is a therapeutic, natural essential oil made of needles and young stems of the Siberian fir used by natural medicine and aromatherapy. Fir bath helps to relax muscles, fall asleep, calm nerves and refresh the body.

  • gliceryna


    With moisturizing and softening properties, this substance helps to protect the skin against loss of moisture and harmful effect of the environment. It penetrates the skin deeply and retains moisture preventing the excessive transepidermal water loss. Glycerin not only heals irritations and sooths the skin, it also smoothens and regenerates it, helping to improve elasticity and firmness.

  • dzikaroza

    Rosa canina (dog rose)

    Rosa canina extract owes its moisturizing, softening and smoothing properties to the vitamin compounds, pectin, amino acids and particularly organic fruit acids. Due to the exfoliating and moisturizing effects, it reduces skin harshness and acne/seborrhea lesions, improving oily skin condition and look. Vitamin C, abundant in the plant’s fruits, is a strong antioxidant exhibiting radical-scavenging properties.

  • czarnarzepa

    Black turnip

    Black turnip extract has been recognized by the traditional and folk medicine as the most effective way to control greasy hair, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. It tones the scalp, reducing seborrhea and regenerating sebaceous glands. It contains, among others, essential oil, sulphur compounds, vitamin C and minerals.

  • chmiel


    Hop, well known to have strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, has been long curing skin problems and was used by the cosmetic industry. Both the bitter substances included in hop cones and essential oils can reduce skin problems, helping facial skin and scalp. Antibiotic properties of hop cones are perfect when it comes to seborrhea and acne skin. Hop is recommended whenever there are problems with dandruff, scalp itching, excessively greasy hair as well as hair loss and insufficient growth of hair.

  • chaber


    This flower contains flavonoids, tannins, minerals (mainly manganese and potassium), vitamin C, organic acids and anthocyanin responsible for its distinguished color. Those components are behind the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the cornflower extract. Hence, we often find out that the extract is present in skin care products dedicated to rosacea and irritated skin and anti-dandruff shampoos.

  • bursztyn


    Specifically mikronized amber, supplemented with synergy infusing, energetic marine component Artemia Salina. This compound is the progenitor of ATP – cellular energy storage necessary for all cells to function properly. Delivered by the complex, the energy stimulates development of the cells responsible for skin regeneration, increases synthesis of proteins necessary for the correct functioning of skin cells, supports defense against free radicals, promotes DNA protection and repair mechanisms.

  • brzoza


    An extract isolated from the external part of the birch’s bark and leaves contains betulina, saponins and glawinids that are a real benefit to the condition of the skin and hair and have strong regenerating, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. Due to the cleansing and antiseptic effect, it improves greasy hair prone to dandruff. A shampoo with birch extract can soothe scalp inflammation.

  • bawelna


    Cotton milk is known to combine the hydrophilic properties of the extract from the cotton seeds and cotton oil. It is a rich source of flavonoids, tannins and minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Effectively relieving irritations, it soothes the skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized and redness-free. It also helps to improve the condition of dry and brittle hair. Therefore, it is used in hair-care products that are to moisturize and condition the hair (shampoos, conditioners, masks.)

  • babka

    Plantago lanceolata

    Healing properties of the plantain have been well known since the ancient times. It is not without a reason that children tend to put a leaf of a plantain on an injured knee as the quickest and best solution as the plant’s antiseptic juice is able to speed up the healing of wounds, burns and bites. In the cosmetic field, plantain’s extract is used to produce solutions for mixed skin that requires refreshing and is prone to irritation and redness. Soothing and accelerating regeneration of damaged cuticles, it works as an antiseptic which prevents inflammation.

  • aloes


    Aloe has been discovered to contain 160 active agents that have the ability to stimulate the skin, such as vitamins A, E, C and E, enzymes, proteins, Biostymina, sugars and trace elements. Biologically active substances are especially valuable as they are behind the plant’s anti-inflammatory, germicidal, smoothing, moisturizing, regenerating, astringent properties. In addition, it can also protect against the sun radiation. Due to the healing properties, it is particularly effective on seborrheic, inflamed skin. Effectively moisturizing dry skin prone to desquamation, it improves elasticity and circulation of the aging skin. In the cosmetic field, aloe is used in shampoos for oily hair and irritated, inflamed scalp. It is also added to the solutions preventing seborrhea-related hair loss and curing fungal infections of the scalp.

  • czerwonakoniczyna2

    Red clover

    Flower extract is a source of many valuable components, such as isoflavones belonging to the group of the so called phytoestrogens that are known to have a beneficial effect on the processes occurring in female organism during the menopause and methyl salicylate that is behind the extract’s antiseptic properties. Products containing red clover extract work excellently on mature, flabby skin that started to lose the elasticity. Red clover masks are used on the skin that requires cleansing, soothing, firming and smoothing. Lotions and tonics containing the extract are suitable for all types of skin. Baths with red clover infusion have a stimulating, cleansing and revitalizing effect on the skin.

  • dziewanna

    Verbascum (velvet plant)

    Extract made from the plant has been used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Oils and infusions with therapeutic and nourishing effect are commonly made from the yellow, delicate and melliferous flowers that typically contain protective mucus. Therefore, they have been successfully used to heal throat and upper respiratory diseases as well as in sensitive skin care. Moreover, hair conditioners containing verbascum flower extract help to lighten blond hair resulting in a beautiful shade.

  • tymianek


    Thyme is known to contain an essential oil (thymol), tannins and phenolic acids. It works bacteriostatically (stabilizes „good” bacteria that prevent pathogens proliferation) and has a toning effect. Thyme is also an excellent ingredient of bath lotions, soaps and shower gels. A bath containing thyme is not only refreshing but it also stimulates the body, relieves pain and inflammation, and moreover, it rejuvenates the skin.

  • ziele_swietlika


    Euphrasia extract proves to be invaluable when it comes to conjunctivitis caused by allergy or viruses. It contains aucubin that blocks histamine responsible for the inflammation. Recommended for people who spend long hours working on the computer and in air conditioned rooms, it reduces eye redness because it constricts blood vessels. Hence, it is a perfect ingredient of eye care products.