Produkty tej marki

  • eva_sila_ziol_krem_pod_oczy_GB_kopia

    A delicate cream rich in natural active agents. It provides effective care for the skin around the eyes. It contains eyebright, marigold and cornflower extracts, as well as sea algae, polysaccharides and shea butter. The cream smoothes out mimic wrinkles and reduces signs of fatigue on the skin around the eyes. Effects of daily use:smooth skin with optimum moisture.Recommended for skin with a tendency toward mimic wrinkles.

    Under the eye and eyelid cream

  • eva_sila_ziol_krem_kartonik_GB_kopia

        Moisturising face cream LONG-LASTING MOISTURISING EFFECT Light and very absorbable cream with intensive moisturising action.It provides an optimum smoothing effect on the epidermis and improves its elasticity, bringing relief to stressed and tense skin.It contains lemon balm, marigold and plantain extracts rich in flavonoids which slow down the aging processes of the skin.The moisturising NMF complex ensures long-lasting moisturisation. Allantoin and D-panthenol have a soothing and calming effect.The skin becomes radiant and well-rested.Perfect for use under make-up.  Effects of daily use: - Noticeable moisturisation of the epidermis - Freshness and smoothing effect

    Intense moisture cream