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  • EN_plyn_micelarny_len_kopia

    Flax BioComplex, Aloe Vera Juice, Arginine Micellar liquid combines the lightness of tonic water and the powerful effect of cleansing milk. Delicately, yet thoroughly, it lifts and removes all impurities as well as eye make-up. The addition of the patented flax biocomplex and aloe vera juice prevents inflammation and soothes irritations. With numerous nourishing agents, the epidermal is visibly reinforced. Arginine maintains proper hydration and has a soothing effect. Does not require water. Safe for contact lenses users.

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Soothing micellar liquid 40+

  • EN_biocomplex_GB_krem_len_przeciwzmarszczkowy_kopia

    Anti-wrinkle eye cream   Flax BioComplex, Caffeine, Troxerutin   Recommended for the delicate skin around the eyes. Patented flax biocomplex high in W 3 and 6 acids nourishes and moisturises delicate area around eyes, dramatically reducing the look of tiredness and leaving the skin around the eyes smooth and firm. Active troxerutin prevents inflammation and soothes. Added caffeine improves microcirculation reducing the puffiness under the eyes, making the skin look more vital, radiant and firm. Vitamin E neutralises free radicals and fights the ageing processes. Vitamin PP not only regulates epidermal regeneration mechanisms, it is also a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against UV radiation.

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Anti-wrinkle eye cream 40+

  • EN_biocomplex_GB_krem_len_na_noc__kartonik_kopia

    Anti-wrinkle night cream   Flax BioComplex, Vitamin E, Shea Butter   Patented flax biocomplex contains Ω 3 and 6 acids provided in an excellent proportion for the skin. Actively nourishing, it prevents water loss through epidermal, maintaining optimum moisture level. Molecular protective film containing mixture of amino-acids and plant peptides hydrates, stimulates repair processes and enhances skin integrity. Vitamin E penetrates more than excellently the epidermal, working as a defence against free radicals and ageing processes and helping to inhibit the appearance of discolourations. The rich formula of the cream includes also a Troxerutin which seals the capillaries, stops the inflammation processes and soothes the skin, while the Shea Butter accompanied by the natural betaine promote regeneration, soften and tone the skin.

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Anti-wrinkle night cream 40+

  • EN_biocomplex_GB_krem_len_na_dzien__kartonik

    Anti-wrinkle day cream with mattifying effect SPF 6 Biocomplex, Ω 3 and Ω 6 acids, Troxerutin   Patented flax biocomplex contains Ω 3 and 6 acids provided in an excellent proportion for the skin. Actively nourishing, it supports regenerating of the collagen and elastin structure. Improves skin firmness and tension. Troxerutin prevents inflammation, helps significantly inhibit the appearance of visible blood vessels and evens the skin tone. High in carotene and vitamin E, the palm oil slows down ageing processes and prevents the sagging and excessive loss of hydration. Protects the skin against photo-ageing. By absorbing the excess of sebum, the active natural polymer ensures long-lasting mattifying effect. At the same time, the cream leaves a delicate protective film on the skin providing the optimum moisturising comfort. This cream works perfectly as a make-up base.  Contains UVA/UVB filters.

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Anti-wrinkle day cream with mattifying effect spf 6 40+

  • EN_mleczko_do_demakijazu_bursztyn

    Rejuvenating cleansing milk Amber Biocomplex, Vitamin E Delicate formula of the milk quickly and thoroughly removes all make-up from face and delicate area around eyes without disturbing the hydrolipidic film. The energy supplied by the amber biocomplex actively promotes skin renewal. Addition of vitamin E – well known as the natural moisturiser – protects the skin against drying, leaving it soft and firm. Refreshing and moisturising, the milk prepares skin for further care.   Capacity: 200ml

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Rejuvenating cleansing milk 50+

  • EN_biocomplex_GB_serum_bursztyn_kopia

    Rejuvenating Eye Serum   Amber BioComplex, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid   Active combination of amber biocomplex and coenzyme Q10 improves the level of cells oxidation which significantly enhances integrity and vitality of the skin. Caffeine boosts microcirculation, reducing puffiness and removing dark circles under the eyes. An active ingredient of the formula, the hyaluronic acid promotes long lasting moisturising, restores skin tone and elasticity, while vitamins E and PP neutralise free radicals, thereby preventing the ageing processes. Shea butter and olive oil smooth and nourish the skin, while allantoin and arginine help to prevent inflammation and soothe the skin.

    Eva Natura Biocomplex Rejuvenating Eye Serum 50+

  • EN_biocomplex_GB_krem_bursztyn_na_noc__kartonik_kopia

    Rejuvenating night cream For mature skin Amber BioComplex, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E   The unique combination of amber biocomplex and coenzyme Q10 is a powerful stimulator of repair mechanisms, it improves skin cells oxidation and efficiently slows down ageing processes. Pure tetrapeptide stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronan which promotes firmer, wrinkles-free skin. The addition of vitamin E – called the vitamin of youth – helps to sooth irritations, inflammations and nourish the skin. It improves microcirculation in blood vessels, thereby improving absorption of active substances. Accelerating skin regeneration and revival, it also reduces new discolourations. D-Panthenol, a powerful moisturiser and toner, softens the skin providing it with more elasticity and regenerating damaged epidermal.labsolutely no oily residue

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Rejuvenating night cream for mature skin 50+

  • EN_biocomplex_GB_krem_bursztyn_na_dzien__kartonik

    Rejuvenating day cream  SPF 6 For mature skin Amber BioComplex, Coenzyme Q10, Shea Butter This cream is recommended for everyday care of a mature skin prone to loss of elasticity. Synergistic combination of amber biocomplex and coenzyme Q10 boosts the energy necessary to activate skin renewal mechanisms responsible for ensuring consistency and firmness of the skin. It also improves tissue oxidation and effectively protects against free radicals. Pure tetrapeptide stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid which promotes firmer, wrinkles-free skin. Natural grape seed oil and Shea butter not only leave the skin moisturised and smooth, they also protect it against photo-ageing. The skin is visibly revived, firmer and silk smooth. This cream works perfectly as a make-up base. It contains UVB/UVA filters.

    Eva Natura BIOcomplex Rejuvenating day cream SPF 6 for mature skin 50+